Project Lucy: Confronting Africa’s grand challenges - with Watson’s help

IBM has launched a 10-year initiative to bring Watson and other cognitive systems to Africa in a bid to fuel development and spur business opportunities across the world’s fastest growing continent.

Meet the “Dark Mail Alliance” Planning to Keep the NSA Out of Your Inbox

Email might be on the verge of a radical makeover. And the NSA is not going to like it.

On Wednesday, two American companies with a track record of offering encrypted private communications are set to join forces in an unprecedented bid to counter dragnet Internet spying

Full Story: Slate

Disney’s latest research could let you feel a jellyfish on your iPad

Disney Research, responsible for futuristic feedback systems like an earlobe speaker and a touch sensor that can work on water, is working on a new way to let people feel what’s on their screens. The group will soon release a paper describing how to turn geometric figures on a touchscreen into simulated textures that users can run their hands across. In a demo video, researchers describe using it to feel the ridges on a map or examine objects that are behind glass. If the examples are any indication, you can do anything from “touch” an apple on a tablet to feel a jellyfish float across your screen. 

Collared Lorikeet (Trichoglossus rubritorquis)

CHART OF THE DAY: How Do People Really Use Their iPhones And iPads?

Full Story: Business Insider

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Pismo Perfection

Calm and quiet down in Pismo Beach, CA. The sun just beginning to kiss the horizon as colors blend across the sky. Every thing a great landscape photo needs was given this day. What makes this photo perfect to me is the family off in the distance. You can feel the enjoyment that they’re having even though its only a tiny silhouette of them. (For best viewing, view it in full size on flickr)

Here’s a lovely image to start the day … It’s a picture of the view from Urca mountain in Brazil. From picture desk live: the best news images of the day

Photograph: Stuart Franklin - FIFA via Getty Images

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