Philip Hensher: Why handwriting matters

Does handwriting have a value that email and texting can’t replace? In this extract from his new book, The Missing Ink, Philip Hensher laments the slow death of the written word, and explains how putting pen to paper can still occupy a special place in our lives

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Apple’s tribute video on the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death #rememberingsteve

An MRI scan can reveal incredible data about a person’s body. But take a look at what it reveals inside fruits and veggies.

In this realm, familiar fruits and vegetables suddenly become mystical, magical entities. Especially when you watch them exploding as animated gifs. Take a look.

A Belarussian interior ministry officer jumps over an obstacle with his guard dog as they take part in a show of skills competition ahead of the ministry’s 60th anniversary, at their base near the village of Gorany, some 32 km (20 miles) west of Minsk, October 4, 2012. [REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko]

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It has been one year since the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, and once again the Internet has taken time to remember its favorite tech icon. Though this year the remembrances don’t match the outpouring of emotion from fans, luminaries, and pundits following Jobs’ death, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten either.

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On the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, listen to this incredible, newly discovered speech he gave in 1983, in which he predicts the future of technology. An excerpt:

“People are going to be spending more time interacting with these machines than they do interacting with their big automobiles today … People are going to be spending two, three hours a day sometimes interacting with these machines.”

RIP, Steve Jobs.